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The way they made the comparison is terrible because when Lin wasn't starting he wasn't getting significant minutes. If they did the stats per minute and also accounted for PER it's a completely different story.
Understood, which is why I included the caveat about Lin's stats as a starter:

18.2 points
7.7 assists
4.7 turnovers

34 mpg

This is very similar production to what Ray Felton was able to provide as a starter:

17 points
9 assists

3.26 turnovers
38.4 mpg

As you can see, Felton averaged slightly less pts but did average slightly more assists & less turnovers than Lin as the starter.

So again, I ask you which of these guys do you think is better suited to run Mike Woodson's system & complement the rest of the players on this team? Would you rather have a PG who shoots the ball more but turns the ball over more as well? Or would you rather have a PG who looks to distribute the ball more & turns the ball over less?

Again, let's just keep the discussion solely based on basketball production & style of play here. Based on all of the above I happen to think Ray Felton is probably better suited to run Mike Woodson's system than Jeremy Lin, as much as I liked him & loved watching him play last year. I think Felton will not only be better suited to run this more structured style, but he will also garner more respect from our 2 main guys, STAT & Melo, which to me is key to any type of success this team will be able to achieve this season. Unless our team is focused on WINNING (& not necessarily on LINNING), I think we'll be fine. Felton never played with Melo so that's the 1 concern I have. Hopefully they'll be able to mesh just as well as Felton & STAT.