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Those stats mean alot to a drowning Knicks club without a life-jacket having a 8-15 record, with the next 10 games being without both their $100M players do to groin injury, and family death.
The Knicks without their two star-players the next 10 games were suppose to have a 11-22 record. A 11 games under .500 .. Lin-Sanity gave us a 17-17 record with an outstanding chemistry on both sides of the court that cant be describe in any stats.

Lin-Sanity went WORLD-WIDE!

The real question are will threads like this come back and bite the Knicks organization for $elling Lin-$anity under the table .. b/c Melo is unhappy with another pass-first PG who skills could make other teammates a first n second option on offense.

Its not about Felton vs Lin .. Its all about Jason Kidd tutoring Felton to be half the floor-LEADER Lin-Sanity showed in 25 consecutive games of being a consistent super-star team-leader .. earning World-Wide-FAME!!!

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