WIth all the Lin/Melo etc. threads going on I thought I'd change it up and ask you guys what you think we could have done and should do next year if we encounter the Heat in the playoffs especially on defense. Assume a healthy squad on both sides and put your coaching hat on.

My take:
They like to do a lot of penetrate and dish out so I was thinking we could play a hybrid man to man and 2-3 zone against them. I think the zone would more effective when both LBJ and Wade are on the floor because they really aren't true outside shooters and with Tyson and Camby both known for their great interior defense would be great at stopping the drive. The man to man or even 3-2 zone might work when only one is on the court. Also, I noticed that Lebron loves that left side of the court and is a bit more uncomfortable on the right side so it would be good if we can flush him towards that side. And most importantly close in on the 3 point shooters when LBJ or D wade dish out especially now that they have Ray Allen. Doesn't matter if the shooter pump fake if you can at least get them to go inside the 3 point line and make them turn that 3 into a 2 point jump shot you've done your job.

Felton and Stat have to resume that Pick and Roll tandem they had pre Melo. You can also use Melo as an outside shooter at times and have Felton slash in and dish out similar to Lebron or have Melo drive in and kick out. Have to move around off the ball and have to set screens for each other. With JR and Novak back, both need screens from Stat and Chandler to get open in 3 point land; that way when either Melo or Felton are driving in to the basket they always have an open man at the three to pass to. The Heat like to run a small lineup a lot so I think it's imperative that you have 2 bigs there whenever possible and use the post. Hopefully Hakeem's work pays off and both Chandler and Stat run effective post games. Also, I noticed at time a lot of stagnant play on offense (Melo partially to blame but I think he'll improve on) against them. Kidd should improve that along with Felton.

Offensive rebounding is key and we should try to get as many boards on offense as possible especially because we are bigger than them. The heat like to score and score quick so we need to deny them possession and get as many second chances as possible. Defensively is a given so I won't mention that.

In the regular season, Chalmers dominated Lin and in the playoffs we struggled too. The Heat are the absolute worst team to have turnovers on because their fast break offense is almost flawless when the Big Three are on the floor. We have to play smart and again, Kidd can hopefully help out with that.

This will depend on the refs calling the game but with Chandler and Camby can share the fouls they commit so that both stay in the game. Earn the fouls too. Have to foul hard if D wade or Lebron drive in and it looks like they have the step on them. I don't mean maul them and cause a flagrant but enough to make them reconsider going in. It's all about intimidation. Camby should play a role in that as well.

Any other thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms? I talked about the Heat on here and used them as a title on this thread but feel free to debate about how to stop other teams.