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^ I agree w that basic philosophy....lift, recover, improve.

But even 1 "heavy" set.....in theory I know it makes perfect sense, and I know a lot of dudes who incorporate something similar into their training from time to time and it works.

I just think in reality, for MOST people, who aren't elite athletes, it's very tough to truly do that 1 work-set at the intensity and max-effort which it is predicated upon.

IMO, I think most people who have not yet achieved a high level of mastery of their own connection to their bodies and their fitness, not tackle something like that.
I watched the video again, and at around 46:00 he says that heavy singles work, and he means single lifts too, and he tells us "don't listen to that person" if someone tells you heavy singles don't work. Check the video bro, it's awesome Brooks Kubik is a legend.