We kick off this season with a string of 9 nasty games, though I think we'll smash up Philadelphia all season this year, so 7.

Hopefully by the new year we'll be hovering around 18-10, have an 8-5 January (taking us to 26 and 15 or thereabouts - Jan is rough) and then cruise through February. I hope we don't have too many throwaway games against teams that just shouldn't beat us. Our depth should come in to play in avoiding the bad losses.

March is another nice month for us,

Fri 01 @ Washington 7:00pm
Sun 03 vs Miami 1:00pm
Mon 04 @ Cleveland 7:00pm
Wed 06 @ Detroit 7:30pm
Thu 07 vs Oklahoma City 8:00pm
Sat 09 vs Utah 7:30pm
Mon 11 @ Golden State 10:30pm
Wed 13 @ Denver 10:30pm
Thu 14 @ Portland 10:30pm
Sun 17 @ LA Clippers 3:30pm
Mon 18 @ Utah 10:30pm
Wed 20 vs Orlando 7:30pm
Fri 22 @ Toronto 7:00pm
Sat 23 vs Toronto 7:30pm
Tue 26 @ Boston 7:00pm
Wed 27 vs Memphis 7:30pm
Fri 29 vs Charlotte 7:30pm
Sun 31 vs Boston 7:30pm

I think we can get a high win loss margin happening as the league tenses for April and that last seeding push.

God I can't wait.

Originally Posted by rady
Awesome! I know there's more of us here, figured we can all get together in London this January.
Also, i'm thinking about asking for some media credentials so if anyone wants to cover the event for KO i might be able to do something about it
Originally Posted by CoolClyde
whoa whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock Rady! you can ask for media credentials for KO?
howzabout asking NYC media relations at MSG for the fine reporters you got here?

Each game thread can have a reporter/reporting recap! genius!

That'd be so awesome! Get it done, Rady. I vote CoolClyde for sure. Get your anus to Ye Olde London Town, Clyde. Tea, cake and bum-fun with her Maj.