This new look Knick team's quintessence is built around defense. I am thrilled to be focusing on stopping teams, and bringing back that aura of a tough, gritty NY squad. I like the Brewer signing, adding Camby was pivotal, Kidd plays excellent team defense, Shump (once he's returned) will once again be the Robin to Chandler's Batman. Happy days are here again, and defense is the catalyst. Prayers answered in my case.

Can't help but feel, however, that we're lacking in reliable, consistent perimeter shooters.

● The epitome of streaky, JR Smith.

● Brewer is well renowned for his lack of a perimeter shot.

● The unpredictable Felton, who shot a mere 30.5% last year in Portland.

● Kidd, who is basically a catch and shoot only 3 point threat. 35% last season.

● Novak, who is a top 3 perimeter marksman, but to say he's one dimensional is not unfair.

● Melo, who is prone to a bipolar night, or even week, from the perimeter. Similar to Smith, but certainly more reliable and will probably lead the team in attempts after Novakaine. Better him than Smith, unless he refines his shot this offseason.

Prigioni seems to be the only real 3 point threat to have a semblance of consistency, blended with a hit off the dribble shot, as well as with a triple threat game. But how much burn is the savvy old badger going to get? And how will he adjust to a deeper shot in the NBA?

I think there's definitely some cause for concern, and if any one dares try to say that Amar'e is a stretch 4, I'll Paypal someone to have that poster drawn and quartered.

So the question is, gents: what toll will a lack of shooting take on this team's W/L record?