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The Knicks have to many 3-ball shooters .. u can start with Camby.

The Knicks roster are missing a decent PG defender ..
Shump's healing ACL injury will not be fully ready to defend PG next season.
Felton will be forced to be our PG defender for 2 or 3 quarters per game ..
which is not something Felton has been succesful at doing on his previous
teams....Bobcats/Knicks/Nuggets/or Blazers.

In my opinion, Tyson & Camby are a B+ defending center
In my opinion, K.Thomas & Stat are a B defending PF with help from Novak
In my opinion, Melo & JR.Smith are a C- defending SF .. need help from Brewer
In my opinion, Brewer is a C+ as our 30 minute defender at SG
In my opinion, Kidd & Felton are a C- defending the leagues quick young PG
I fixed that for you.

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