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I try to black out this past decade in the NBA but I can tell you one of our worst moves was passing over Rondo for Renaldo Balkman in the 2006 draft. (another Isiah classic) But then again, who knows if Rondo would have been Rondo under Isiah.

Losing Ewing was killer as was the Zeke age.
Rondo would not be the Rondo of now without the pressure Tutledge of Ray Allan/Pierce/and KG .. Rondo showed no signs of being a starter or 30 minute player before the Boston BIG-3 .. a lot of credit of Rondo success could also be contributed to coach Doc Rivers, who as a player were our Knicks starting PG in the ECF vs MJ/Pippin/Paxon/Grant/Cartwright.

Patrich Ewing would be a part of the Knicks organization today, if Ewing wouldnt have made such a big media chaos demanding to be traded that offseason.