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    Default NBA's thoughts on Ariza...

    The NBA analysits are giving Ariza no credit at all. They don't predict him in the Knicks rotation at all. As you all can see from my posts, I believ in Ariza, ALOT. I have been giving him praise because I think he can prove all the STUPID (which is nice compared to what I was going to say) NBA Analyists WRONG!!


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    All the NBA analysts are a bit on the non-risky side. They want to keep their jobs so all they stick to is the known names, and when surprises pop out, they're like "I was monitoring this young man's growth throughout his career, it's amazing how good he has gotten". Tis the media we are dealing with nowadays....
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    Yeah, teslawlo is right. Those sorry a$$es are afraid of taking any forms of risk cuz they care about their miserable jobs alot. That's why they're giving TA no credits by this far, but I'm sure as soon as the season starts and Ariza starts putting up an impressive performance they're gonna praise him as they should.
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