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    He comes on to the court doesn't play defense. Like zero interest, every game consistently. It's amazing to have witness someone so disinterested on defense LIVE. The guy showned no emotion or involvement in man to man or the zone defense.

    His only strength is driving to the basket (thunderous dunks).

    Horrible lay up guy...Keith Bogans/DeShawn Stevenson level on terms of being so bad at finishing lay ups.

    Chris Smith is very athletic (I don't know how since he's never in the gym and if he's in the gym it's to listen to music and goof around), a natural athlete.

    It may be a very horrible scouting report; but keep in mind I was cool with Chris @ MC; we had lunch together and he could of got in trouble a lot of times @ with the Student Life department but I saved his ass easy 3 times.

    Someone with so much talent but yet very little responsibility; it amazes me that this dude is a lot of more successful than me just within the span of 3 years. Shout out to him for making it, I ain't mad at him, I'm mad at me.

    I HAVE a lot of work to do

    Maybe Chris can get me some tickets to the game.

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    ^hah! def hit him up! "i saved your ass 3x, how 'bout some tix?"

    don't feel bad, metro, if JR wasn't his brother, he wouldn't be anywhere.
    sounds like he's partially guaranteed to be a d-leaguer in the near future, if he's lucky.
    soon as grunwaldo gets Amundson or Birdman on the roster, Chrish Swish is first to go.

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