With 9 new players to don the orange & blue for New York this upcoming season, It is clear that we'll see a much different team than last year. Three new point guards in Kidd, Felton and "The Maestro", the return of Camby and Kurt, defensive-specialist Ronnie Brewer Jr., and three wildcards in Copeland, White and Chris Smith....a defense-focused supporting cast for our BIG Three.

Of all these guys, Which player do you think will make the biggest impact for the Knicks next season?

Let me start it off with my pick.....

I absolutely love the Kidd signing, as he's basically going to be our offensive coach. Genius move by Grunwald, taking into consideration that Woody isn't exactly great in the offensive apartment. It's nice to know that we've got a proven, future HOF PG running the show and leading the charge.

IMO, Kidd will finally bring that much needed order and calmness to our offensive schemes, he's done it for all of his teams for 18 years now in the NBA. I know he's not as quick and strong as he used to be, but his leadership, perimeter shooting, and superb playmaking will absolutely make us a better team than last season.