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In their primes Camby

He could cover ground, hit the open jumper, catch lobs, block shots, rebound all that

Chandler at his best is mainly just a defensive anchor, no real offensive game but he does hit his FT's which I like
Perfect summary!

Camby was quite versatile in his 20's, Chandler is freaking one-dimensional.

Defensively he's right up there with the best, but the guy got no offense, even on team USA he's by far the worst player on offense. To be precise, the only reason coach K selected him was to play defense on the Gasol brothers in the gold medal game, other than that he's totally useless for USA. K-Love and even Anthony Davis looked much much better at center.

Not saying Chandler is a bad player, but we definitely overpaid on him and Camby in his prime would be my starter.