Jim. I'm no Lin fan. Nor am I in any way disappointed that he is no longer a Knick, but I think you're reading too much into any post relating to Lin. The Lin saga has obviously affected a significant part of the Knicks fan base and it's only natural that questions will be asked. This isn't a bad thing. It's summer, looks like our squad is more or less complete, and there's almost 3 months until we play our first game. Personally I'm done with Lin. Never thought he was (or will ever be) all that anyways. This doesn't mean I will not respect the fact that some people hold a different opinion to me, and that others-while not too disappointed he has gone- are trying to make some sense out of this. Point is you seem to be accusing anyone that posts something Lin related (which may not be of interest to you) of somehow attempting to divide the KO community, or having some other agenda. This isn't some sort of Lin backed conspiracy. It's a natural cycle of events that will occur in any social environment, where foundations have been shook. Let's not get all Gestapo on everyone.