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    Default Could this Knicks team be as good as the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks?

    Jose Barea G = Raymond Felton
    Rodrique Beaubois G < Pablo Prigioni
    Corey Brewer, Brian Cardinal F > Chris Copeland
    Tyson Chandler C = Tyson Chandler
    Brendan Haywood C < Marcus Camby
    Jason Kidd G = Jason Kidd
    Alex Ajinca, Ian Mahinmi C = Kurt Thomas
    Caron Butler,Shawn Marion F < Carmelo Anthony
    Steve Novak F = Steve Novak
    Dirk Nowitzki F > Amar'e Stoudemire
    Sasha Pavlovic G-F > James White
    DeShawn Stevenson, Domique Jones-G< Iman Shumpert, Chris Smith
    Peja Stojakovic F-G < Ronnie Brewer
    Jason Terry- G > JR Smith

    There is no question that our roster is just as good as Dallas' roster was a couple seasons ago. But the questions are can this Knicks team stop Miami the way that Dallas did in the finals given that Miami is coming off a championship season and has a much better roster than they did when they lost to Dallas?

    Can Mike Woodson teach this Knicks team how to play zone defense with a full season of training camp?

    Can Amar'e be near the impactful player that he was before Melo became a Knick?

    Can Melo play at a level of a Dwyane Wade or Kevin Durant on both ends of the floor?

    Can Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton find a way to solve the problem of Melo and Amar'e not being a good fit on offense?

    How much do aging players like Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, and Kurt Thomas have left in their tank?

    If the answer becomes yes to most of these questions I really believe that the Knicks have at least a 40 percent chance of pulling off an upset against Miami in the playoffs.But a lot of things have to fall the Knicks' way in order for that to take place.
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