I agree with the poster that says we match up better with the Lakers then the Heat.

Tyson always gets the best of Dwight. We've got brewer and shump to contain kobe. Felton & kidd = nash. Melo ****s al over MWP. and Amar'e = Gasol. I think Christmas will be an amazing show.

As for the 6ers, i'm not all that concerned about bynum. He's going to drop off a bit on a team that doesn't have the threats of gasol and kobe surronding him. With Iggy gone they are losing out on a player that gave the knicks fits.

This was a terrible trade for Orlando. Fans of that franchise are almost as tortured as Knicks fans. Looking back at the talent levels they have had with shaq and dwight and hardaway and others it's like they just bobble the ball when it lands in their court.

Denver will be a fun team to watch next year, but they remain on that second tier of playoff teams landing somewhere in the 8-4 seed in the west and a likely 1st round exit.

Still going with a Knicks/Lakers finals, knicks in 7!