on mike and mike, greenburg and scott van pelt were running through the teams in the east. greeny was saying how he loves this for philly (i think it makes them better but by no means great) and then while looking at the teams in the east, he mentions the knicks and SVP immediately discredited them calling them the cowboys. saying theyre only popular cause theyre in a huge market but havent won anything or made noise when it mattered (although we only had TWO chances to make noise when it mattered...last post season and this one.. this cowboys team have had longer than us.) he claimed that we're just another team and pretty much completely blew us off.

i dont care what our past was.. how do you discount THIS TEAM right now? we have a coach who preaches defense, and arguably the best roster we've ever had. last season should be taken with a grain of salt since we had an entirely new cast that had no training camp to gel, lost their coach midway through the season, suffered injuries, and had no point guard before or after lin. now, we have a training camp to have all these great players gel. note that this is amare and melos FIRST training camp together.

felton, brewer, melo, amare, chandler, smith, kidd, novak, camby, thomas, and later in the year; shumpert.

how do you hate on this?