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    Yes we are. And that's why I wanted to play them in the playoffs last season.... just to see where we need to make adjustments. I never mind losing in the playoffs against the best team. We'll be taking our talents to South Beach and bringing back the Eastern Conference title in 2013.

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    Biggest threat to the Heat = Lebron tearing his ACL
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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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    ive never been this excited for a knicks season. and i think we can EASILY be a top 5 team in the east. but i still wouldnt come close to saying we can take on the heat. we have to see how we bode and see how we actually play vs the heat. i do agree with the statement that it was nice to take 1 game from miami when we had lin, davis, and shumpert out, a flu-ridden chandler, a dysfunctional amare, an unheathly jeffries, and jr jackin up shots because nothing was working. i say we can easily be top 5 in the east because the east is garbage. heat, celtics, knicks, pacers (eh) and then its just a bunch of teams. philly (who can be decent), nets (also can be decent), bulls, magic, raptors, hawks, bucks

    as long as amare is healthy, i have faith him and melo will click. i like the idea of playing the heat with a lineup of felton, shump, brewer, melo, and chandler. we could replace melo in that lineup with camby but u have to have scoring somewhere. with kidd, jr, novak, thomas, and camby comin off the bench.

    so, i think we can easily be a top 4 or 5 team in the east but again, thats not a big accomplishment. the heat and celtics are the 2 teams you KNOW are going to be above average

    im so pumped though because melo and stat FINALLY get a training camp together, woodson can fully install his system, the players will hone in on defense, im sure woodson will work on JRs consistency and basketball IQ (not running down court and jackin up shots) we grabbed a distributor in kidd, a great pg in felton, solid defenders in brewer and camby (camby will bring so much life to this crowd,) all the new guys brought in last year were just thrown on the court with no training camp; not this year, no more unnecessary linsanity drama, we'll have our coach ALL season, not to mention we have the reigning DPOY. we just have to move the ball around to open things up and not rely on ISO. ISO will get you no where if youre talking about winning a title

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    Lakers is the biggest threat to the Heat. Nobody in the eastern conf have any shot at taking down the Heat, not even a remote chance.

    Edit: Only delusional Melo fans think otherwise.

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