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man, f*ck houston rockets. scamming Lin, taking 2 of our big men (plus Tony
Doug-less and picks) for Camby, only to let them go shortly thereafter, with Jorts
ending up with the hated Heat. and nothing Knicks can do about it.

i hope Houston goes on one of those record-setting losing streaks,
and Lin does nothing for them. sorry Lin lovers, he ain't a Knick no more,
just don't care.
Chill, coolclyde. This is Josh Harrelson we're talking about...not a real NBA player. He's that kid in gym class who always gets picked last. The guy is taking Eddy Curry's spot as the guy they bring in to make everyone else seem fast during sprints. Can he even dunk? Remember when he came back from his injury last year and would brick every single shot? Yeah...same dude. If this guy didn't go to Kentucky he would be in Europe right now...and not the rich part of Europe.