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Durant is a better mid range shooter. Durant to me is 95-97 Melo is 92-93.

Durant is an extremely efficient scorer/shooter and is becoming an all around player in terms of rebounding, defense and passing. You have to re-evaluate Durant again.
durant cant pass the ball melo is a way better passer! durant has horible ball handling skills! if you watch miami vs okc in the finals when durant tried to go coast to coast that was an instant turnover because james and chalmers went to him and always tried to pass the ball behind his back or got caught up in the air trying to make a pass! if you look they alway pressured russell so durant started the offense and that was a disaster! he is highly overated in the defense because melo does a much better job in keeping james in front of him durant always get blown by! even chalmers when durant guarded him torch him 25 point over 50% from the field im telling you dont let the media hype wash what your seeing! melo has better latteral move in defense is a much better fundamental player and is a better rebounder the only thing melo dont have that durant have is effort! and that because of the coach his have i garante you if he was playing for phill or pat he will be in shape all years for the rest of his carreer he need to get his mind right! durant is a better 3 point shooter than melo but in mid range i got melo all day! and i am not a melo fan! but the thrut is the thrut!

sorry for my gramar!