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no way Metro

Durant's mid range is not as good as Carmelo's, thats his bread and butter

Durant shoots way more open shots than Carmelo and also scores a lot more in transition. He's an open court player while our guy is a half court player which means he shoots mostly contested shots

Durant's defense is not that good, he has Sefolosha, Westbrook, Ibaka and Perkins around him, passing no way he barely passes and isn't known to create for others. Carmelo is a very skilled passer(former PG in High School). Rebounding you can have then again he's 6'11 with 100000ft wing span

Durant 2K wise should be 93/94, Carmelo should be 92/93

They are pretty close skill wise.

People always say the thing that separates both is efficiency. So if Carmelo shoots 48% next year and we get to the ECF no one can say he isn't a top 5 player, because people saying KD in top 2 and CA is top 15 is absurd
Durant's defense is better than Melo. Just because he has great defender's around him doesn't make him bad and Westbrook is an average man defender.

Durant is a better shooter from all area's than Melo.

Melo has finished below 35% from 3pt range 5 times in his 8 year career. Durant has finished below 35% once. His rookie season.

Don't even make me bring out the mid range shooting rangers. Durant's jumper has hall of fame potential. Melo always been STREAKY.

Kevin Durant when he was 21 had a better regular season than Carmelo Anthony ever had. Even at 22, he's had a better playoffs than Carmelo Anthony ever had. He scores more points, more efficiently, led his team further and is just a better teammate.

Durant was arguably the second best player in the NBA at 21. I bring up age because Durant is a BETTER TALENT and is MORE SKILLED. The last player to put up more than 27 PT/G (Durant had 30.1) on better TS% was 1990. Melo has never been that good. Just look at their career averages, and this is with Melo having significantly more prime years than Durant.

Melo career averages 24/6/3 54.5 TS% 20.3 PER .126 WSp48
Melo's best season 29/6/4 56.3 TS% 22.0 PER .153 WSp48
Melo's postseason averages 25/7/3 52.1 TS% 19.6 PER .106 WSp48

Durant's career averages 26/6/3 57.6 TS% 21.8 PER .154 WSp48
Durant's best season 30/8/3 60.7 TS% 26.2 PER .238 WSp48
Durant's postseason averages 29/7/3 56.5 TS% 23.3 PER .192 WSp48

Melo is soft.