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Come on Metro! We don't have to pull up stats to know Melo is the better mid range shooter. The knock on KD is the fact that he settles for the jumper; especially the 3 ball more times than not. You can't say the same for Melo. We know he's a streaky 3pt shooter but that's not the point; his game is on the block & taking mid range jumpers. He has one of the best mid range games in the league; that's a fact. I think your Melo dislike blinds you to some of the obvious sometimes my man. My question is who do you want with the ball when the game's on the line in the 4th, Durant or Melo? I don't care what KD's numbers/stats are for the season, I know who I would want with the ball & it ain't the Durantula.
im not a fan of melo my dad is but thats true! melo find the way to get a shot off no matter what durant gets alway the benefit of the doubt with the whistle and settle for to much 25 footers! and westbrick is still the alpha dog on the thunders! game 4 nba finals most important game in the carrear of all of the thunder players not named perkins or fisher! who was the man on the team?! and they got the audacity to rate durant higher than wade! better rebounder, shot blocker, stealer, passer, higher basketball IQ etc. durant should be the same rating as melo, rondo and rose(because of injury)