Nah I got drafted by Detroit and demanded a trade to the Knicks! I didn't upgrade my dude at all before the trade so I was worth little. Got traded for Sheed and Prigioni!

Knicks were 3-4 before the trade now we are 14-4!

Averaging 18 points 9 assists 4 rebs 2 steal 2 to in 22 minutes.

Few tricks that you can use, if you brown nose the GM you'll be given more minutes!

I started with a Scoring PG because you have those nice shooting stats to begin with so you can stretch the floor and work better on the PNR. I always used to go Athletic PG but then the defense just sags off you and it's difficult to penetrate.

I totally abused the Heat's interior... I threw down 9 dunks... Dominique Wilkins hit me up on Twitter after the game