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    Announcement How does the NYK back court measure up to Eastern rivals?






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    Too lazy to look up the rosters so I'll say we have the best in the East.

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    I think overall we have the most depth and talent just inconsistencies can affect how good we can be

    Felton the on court leader can he run the team and slow down Rondo, Deron and Rose

    Kidd the vet, can he mentor Felton and help him live up to his potential and what exactly does he have left in the tank

    Smith the wildcard can he score with consistency and be a true 3rd scorer and keep up his defensive effort from last year

    Brewer the stopper, he has to work on that jumper and hit it to be a key catalyst on our team if so we have found a gem

    Shumpert the young gun, can he come back from ACL surgery and be the same explosive defensive nightmare he was and will that jumper continue to improve

    Prigioni the question mark his game translates well to our team he's a creator but can he hold his own on D

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    Hate to say it but Brooklyn has the best starting back court and has a strong case for best supporting.


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    Originally Posted by 21 Shump Street
    Hate to say it but Brooklyn has the best starting back court and has a strong case for best supporting.


    I don't think there's any doubt that they're better than us in that department. DW is an elite PG. Felton is average. CJ is top reserve point, Kidd is 39. They have an all-star pure scorer at SG. We have role players.

    Our strength is up front and we need to get max production from those guys, while our backcourt just has to play their roles.

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    we have a good defensive backcourt, so i dont see bk dropping ****load of points from there

    miami's wade will probably get his 20-30points but it wont be in the flow of the game this time round.

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    Felton / Kidd / Pablo

    Shump / Jr / Brewer

    Our back court is underrated defensively IMO, Felton, Shump, Brewer, Kidd, Jr these are all players who WANT to play defense and put the effort in defensively they have the potential to make it tough on our opponent to score the ball especially under woodson, he will have these guys working their butts off defensively.

    Offensively we have an average back court IMO, but even though it's a average back court Felton/Jr/Shump are all capable of creating their own shots & Kidd/Brewer know their roles.

    Regarding how we stack up against rivals

    Brooklyn Nets- D-Will/Joe Johnson Best Backcourt in the NBA and our biggest threat from a back court standard, lets not forget they still have Brooks/Watson coming off the bench as well

    Miami Heat Wade/Ray Allen- this will give us serious problems if the heat were to throw out a line up of

    Celtics Rondo/Lee/Terry/Bradley -- Underrated backcourt that could give us fits offensively and defensively, but i like our chances against them.

    Bucks-- the mini me duo of Jennings/Ellis -- Not a sleeper back court both of these players can go off any given night, but we can handle them with the way our roster is set i cant say i'm NOT worried because the Bucks seem to always give us problems but i like our chances.

    Pacers- they are in the same boat as us, their strong point is their front court of Granger/hibbert/west... i'd say the Pacers/Knicks backcourts are arguably equal but the pacers have the younger back court.... i'd say we have an advantage defensively against their back court, i'll give them the slight advantage offensively. Hill, Green, Augistin, George, stephenson

    Sixers--Underrated backourt, they are young and will make mistakes but they have potential Holiday, Turner, Nick Young, Jason Richardson. They have some nice pieces but still have alot to learn, Richardson will bring them Veteran Leadership, we can handle them though not worried.

    Bulls - Crap Back court until Rose is back on the radar ( Rose is missing a large chunk of the season so i don't see the bulls much of a threat until further notice) + they lost their whole "BENCH MOBB" through free agency that bench really helped the Bulls with the absence of D.Rose mark my words the bulls will struggle big time this season until rose is back i'm sorry but "Hinrich, Nate, Bellenlli, Buttler" is not getting it done.

    Raptors - Lowry, Fields, Derozan, John Lucas, Calderon, Ross, their backcourt is deep as hell. Are they a threat? No way Jose but i like the potential in their back court they have a chance to make the 8th seed, maybe even 7th.

    Hawks- Crap Back court IMO
    Magic- Crap Back court IMO
    Detroit- Crap Back court IMO
    Cavs- Crap Bacourt (MINUS IRVING) & I think Waiters will be a BUST
    Wizards- Crap Back Court IMO (MINUS J.WALL)
    BOBCATS- Crap Back Court IMO

    feel free to post your positive/Negative feedbacks
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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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