You said the same thing the season before.

Melo can't be compared to Dirk or Durant. These guy's lead their teams to the Finals, Dirk won a championship with one of the most amazing playoff performances of all time. Dirk takes difficult shots and make them at a much higher percentage than Melo. Durant is just 23 and will eventually appear in the Finals basically as many times as he chooses. Durant's ability go beyond the numbers actually when you think about it. A 6"11 SG/SF/PF Hybrid who can score from anywhere efficiently and get to the FT line with overall ability and can play off the ball. He's just on another level.

and Deron Williams is underrated. He's been neck and neck with Chris Paul (even though Paul is better) but Deron made Utah relevant and is the perfect blend between scoring, passing and defense. Respect his game and we know for certain Knicks would of been a better overall team led by Deron over Melo.