Things that need to occur

1.Stat needs to regain his mid range shot!: This opens the floor up for Melo and makes it near impossible to double Melo in the post. Stat in the high post puts Melo in the low post and name me a SF (including Lebron) who can bang w Melo in the post

2.Melo has to become better at catch and shoot and coming off screens: Stat is dominate when the ball moves. Amare will improve w his back to the basket this year...but his bread and butter is pick and roll and finishing when his man rotates off of him to double. That all said if Melo simply pounds the ball movement stops and Stat's game is compromised...unless his J is falling like it was in 2010 (point #1 again).

3. Melo the playmaker: This is an underestimated aspect of Melo's game! No reason to think they can't run a 2 man game with each other