Got me thinking about Amare and if hes gonna be healthy this year. I think Carmelo and Tyson will be fine but Amare is the question mark to me and also PG.

My two questions to you guys in the loop.

How is Raymond Felton? Can he lead this Team into the eastern Conference finals POSSIBLY? And why?

Is Amare gonna earn this 97 Mil or whatever he got, Or is he done injured and fuc*ed? If not why, If so why?

I fuc*ing hate the Heat and Boston soooooo bad. I want the Knicks in the Eastern Confrence finals this year.

In my mind Carmelo and Tyson are gonna bring it. Amare is a question mark and so is the pg position.

I've been focusing on College Football and Pro Football Lately so I haven't really been paying attention every day to the Knicks.