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If JORTS is still available grab him and then we have a Shump/Jorts/Jordan batch of youth to develop after our big 3 era.
you guys dont have a big 3 era!
a big three consist in 3 all star players, more than 60 wins for more than 2 season, ECF for atleast 2 years and reach an nba final at some point!

you guys still need:

the third player of the big three(amare and anthony)
60+ win seasons
2 ECF with atleast 1 win to reach the finals and be a conference champion!
let alone you need a playoff series win!

im pissed at the knicks i am a heat fans but i want the knicks to get stack up and melo to play like he is suposed to be and amare to play like he use to! because unlike other fans i want to see the best competition out there! and i love the way knicks fans are so ****y and arogant! i want i real rivalr! and that why i get mad at the kncisk for being so dumb in acquiring: kidd, camby and Pringioni also paying 15 mil to novac! If knicks fron office was smart enogth they would know that the best way they can creat a solid 1-2 punch with amare is by him playing at the C and carmelo at the 4 or 3! First dumb move was adquiring Tyson chandler! miami could have goten him because miami has a great facilitator in lebron and bosh is a mid range shooter! but amare is a a power dunker in pick and roll situation! They instead of looking for a center to play along side amare they should have went out and find a decent center and a decent pick and roll general to play along side amare also people dont take to account this was the first time amare played without a true pg wihth him!

I want the knicks to be the 2 best team in the league behind the heat! I want a real rivalry like knciks bulls in the 90's or Lakers vs celtics in the past decade! melo vs bron! the battle of the best small forward even do is not close but the durant and bron is not close either!Also if the press dont want to give the mvp to bron next year i wish it goes to melo or paul! Durant is really overated to me also blake is overated to me too!