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    Default ESPN Player Rankings 2012: How will they disrespect Knicks this year!

    There ranking is actually a joke..better yet a train wreck I have to watch!

    Remember last year Stat was All NBA Second Team and Melo was a top 5 scorer in The League and neither cracked the top 10, but Blake did!

    Shump was ranked 488 out of 500 although they can get a pass on that because he had not played a single game yet.

    This year I predict they still keep Melo out of the top 10

    They'll put Stat in the low 20's late teens

    Tyson will be like 30 something

    Curious to see where Lin will fit in at?

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    Melo will be top 15
    Chandler will be top 40
    Stat will be top 50
    Lin will be top 65

    I probably wouldnt have a problem if its something like this, Lin would be all over the place from one person to the next. Chandler surpassed Stat last year, i dont see any argument as to how Stat had a better season. You might even be able to go top 30 with Chandler because of the difference he made defensively for us. And he contributed on offense not just by scoring but by setting very good picks.

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