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7th seed looks about right to me.

I don't get it why so many posters overrate the new roster.

I'd love us to win the damn Conference, but you gotta stay objective and 7th looks right to me. Maybe 6th if Indiana flop.

Chandler was the worst player on team USA in London. They went with Love and Davis at center every time a game was competitive, because Chandler (the great defender he is) kills your team's offense. His spacing sucks and he's no threat what so ever.

Amar'e is the worst defender I have ever seen and his offense last season was the worst of his career. He wont change, not at 30.

Melo is a pretty good scorer, but he won't play defense and his style of play unfortunately downgrades his teammates.

Jason Kidd is 56 years old.

Raymond Felton looks like he eats 56 burgers a day.

Novak is a blunt weapon in the playoffs.

J.R. Smith will win you 5 games a season on his own, but lose you 30.

Camby and Thomas, as much as I like them for nostalgic reasons, are both way past it and won't save us.

Shumpert, the guy I rest all of my hopes on, had a serious ACL injury and is coming off surgery....nobody knows whether he'll be the same or even be able to fulfill his career. See Terrell Thomas, potential All-Pro corner, suffering from countless ACL injuries....his career is basically over after only one full season.

Sorry guys, but I don't see it in this roster. Feels like 2006/2007.
Team usa outscore its opponents by like 50 points with chandler on the court.

Melo is a pretty good scorer? Lmao

Camby statistically was the best rebounder last season.

Felton lost 30 pounds and counting.

Jason kidd is a backup and an upgrade from baron davis.

Stoudemires offense got better each month, due to the lockout it was a slow season for him. His defense sucks but it always has.

Oh and chandler kills an offense? Tell that to the 2011 dallas mavs.