STAT has the physical tools to be a defensive player. He has just never been taught defense or had it stressed to him. With woodsons guidance I believe that Stat can have a major impact on the defensive end of the floor. Remember that STAT came straight from high school into the No-D 'antoni system and has played that style ever since.

And to Kiyaman: I agree that 2 weeks is a short period of time and the most STAT could of really learned in that time is maybe 3-4 moves total and some solid tips on being a better defender/shot blocker.

But what more does a player really need? Most of the best players have 1 go-to move with a few counter moves if that gets shut down. Amar'e can have his STAT-Shake in the post, his mid-range jumper, the pick'n'roll/Pick'n'pop in the high post. Outside of this arsenal, STAT doesn't need a lot of help on offense. Adding in the shake and some defensive/rebounding effort will be the difference from 17/8 to 23/10 for Amar'e.