Who has more to prove this upcoming season?

Amare Stoudemire

Once the prince of NYC sports, STAT is coming off his worst year as a pro and needs to prove to this fanbase that he is worth the money being paid to him.

His previous back injury, the lockout, short training camp, condensed season and brother's death have all been well documented. However, this is a results-based city with high expectations, especially for a player who once proclaimed "NY is back". The arrival of Melo and birth of Linsanity has taken most of the spotlight off him (rightfully so) and has even caused questions about his ability to compete at a high level for 48 minutes.

STAT has been connecting with his fans tweeting and posting media all summer showing everyone how hard he's been working to come back better than ever. This is certainly great news, but then we get back to those two connecting words that mean so much around these parts... RESULTS-BASED.


Raymond Felton

Once the co-leader for a rejuvinated knicks squad, Felton has fallen from grace as a result of lack of motivation and fitness issues. Felton, with the help of STAT, became a top pg in the EC and showed everyone what he could do when allowed to be more agressive and free in the MDA system.

Being traded to Denver didn't sit well with Felton, plus going from starter to reserve made things worse. While the team was having success, Felton eventually lost his edge with the change of scenery and soon became an "average" pg again. The eventual trade to POR didn't help matters either as he constantly had issues with the coach, resulting in fluctuating minutes.

Felton is now back where he wants to be and plans to show everyone that he isn't a downgrade from the short lived Linsanity or an out of shape "average" pg who can only thrive in a fast pased system. Lin is a worldwide phenomenon and Felton has become the guy that replaced him, which is a tough spot to be in. This carries a lot of pressure even though Felton has way more experience and put up similar numbers in his previous stint with the Knicks.

Bottom line is Felton is young enough to get another valuable payday at the end of his contract. This will be his last opportunity to prove he can lead this ready-to-win-now Knicks team and convince the league that he is a true "above average" starting PG with all-star potential.