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That is the point .. Stat & Felton have nothing to prove .. we all know what we will get out of Stat & Felton on the same roster.

Stat & Felton names does not belong in the poll.
Felton has a career as a consistent average PG .. Felton will give us a little more than what he gave with the Bobcats. Felton has to accept that his best role may be as a backup PG to give us deeper depth in the backcourt.
Stat is Stat .. Stat has nothing to prove, he has a career of consistency as a star-player in the regular season and postseason gamess.

Melo has not prove anything in two seasons in NY
JR Smith 30 minutes of playingtime has proved nothing as a Knicks
I have to respectfully disagree. Stat and Felton have nothing to prove?? Why do you think STAT has been posting pics and videos of him working out? He knows he was trash last season and wants to PROVE to everyone that he is the same dominant player from 2 years ago.

Felton has PLENTY to prove to the people (media included) that desperately wanted Lin back. He also has to prove that he can lead this team and get the Melo/Amare tandem working. Knicks let Lin go and decided to go with Felton, so he has A LOT to prove and plenty of pressure that comes with it. I'm sure he can handle it though.

Melo proved that he is still a lethal scorer.
Melo proved that he is damn near unguardable at the 4.
Melo proved that he can be as clutch in NY as he was in DEN.(see CHI game)

Last season was hampered by subpar pg play, injurues and lousy coaching. If Melo was able to get us past MIA by himself he'd be the best player on the planet.