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    Breaking News Shooting at Empire State Building

    I just saw this on CNN. I hope everyone from the board is safe. The cops killed the gun man. He shot at least 10 people and at least 1 has died.

    I don't know what the hell is wrong with the world when people feel the need to go out and shoot up their fellow countryman. It is just senseless violence and does nothing but cause anguish and heartache for everyone. When the world wakes up and starts taking care of one another we will end the suffering.

    Again, Hope everyone is alright. I'm having a hard time coping with the violence in our world today.

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    I hear you, Ponder. However, most of the media reported this story via "eye witness" testimony. Most of which was inaccurate.

    The shooter was fired last year and he went back to the business (which
    was near the Empire State building) and shot and killed a former co-worker.

    The police were alerted by a construction worker, and they ended up
    shooting and killing the suspect. In the midst of the shoot out, the other
    9 or 10 people were shot by either the shooter or the police.

    Either way, another senseless tragedy.

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