I posted this here because it can get some hot burn in the early days, I know I have inconvenienced the mods a little, but I hope not too much, so that they may merge it with the fitness thread later.

This is my gym:

This is me overhead pressing the sand bag. Note that this is a strict overhead press, my legs do not move, it's all upper body. The trick in overhead pressing is to squeeze your ass as hard as possible:
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Now, you can do a lot with a sandbag, the above video is just one example. What are some variations? To make it more difficult, I can maybe clean it before every overhead rep, instead of just one clean and 5 overhead presses. This will build the explosive strength but also develop the most useful kinetic chain for sports, from the feet to the top of the lift, this is a strong functional consideration. Think about when you grab a rebound and you need to go back up strong with some fools on your back, you get that And1 if you're sandbagging.

Generally, anything you can do with a barbell, you can do with a sandbag, plus some! They're the most versatile training tool in the world. They say the best things are free and this is as close to free as possible.

They're also adjustable. You see me here with 85, maybe 90 pounds, next month, I hope to upload a video of me doing 100 or 110 lbs, maybe I'll put more sand in, or maybe I'll put some weight plates in there with the sand. You can do anything.

This is training for the average Joe, so that you can gain some functional strength and live a better life, though I'm sure even serious athletes can benefit greatly from sandbag training.