Do anyone recall the Knicks super summer league team in 2005 offseason with a winning lineup of 2nd season C-Butler, rookie PF-Frye, rookie SF-Lee, 2nd season SG-Ariza, and rookie PG-Nate Robinson, a lineup that GELL so well to win games the Knicks were losing by 20 points in the summer league and regular season games .. their biggest WIN were when they were put in as "garbage-time" lineup at the end of the 3rd quarter of a losing game down by 21 points all game against the Detroit Pistons, and Knicks won in overtime with this young lineup?

The 2005 offseason Knicks owner Dolan hired a HOF headcoach Larry Brown that everyone in the NBA knew (except Dolan) HATED Isiah Thomas from the past/present/and future.
During the 1990-91 season Larry Brown were the first coach to show his disgust on a stupid idiotic comment superstar Isiah Thomas made concerning a superstar legend Larry Bird as being a regular player if Larry Bird was Black .. when we all knew Larry Bird college daze in the NCAA FINALS made Larry Bird the only player on par with Magic Johnson skills.

HOF coach Larry Brown was on a mission when he threw all kinds of wrenches/nuts/bolts/and Annucha into the Knicks 2005-6 season to get Isiah Thomas FIRED, a delusional Larry Brown actions had no reguard or respect for the growth of the Knicks above young players dream of being in the NBA. Larry Brown 23 win season mission to destroy Isiah was 10 times worst than the 2004-5 season dum-dum Marbury's "I am the best guard in the NBA" 15 game losing streak.
LOL - A Gay-Isiah Thomas being charge with sexual harrassment from a woman had the NBA on their knees with laughter lol