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One thing i will say is its survival of the fittest, not the fattest. To compare racial hate to gay hate is racist. People are born whatever race they are, however there is no scientific of any gay gene. Whats a bigger problem is the sensitivity problem with todays culture. Pansys like you spread a soft message of compassion and sympathy. That aint gonna get nobody anywhere, life is tough and thats just the way it is. Whatever people are, they should respect themselves and not worry about what the haters say. We all have haters and its the best thing for people, hate can help develop thick skin and most people arent born with it. Some acquire it while others receive sympathy and accommodation from the people around them and live their whole life being afraid to make moves. Man up, get on a treadmill doggie
Fat Elvis don't treadmill.

Whether or not there's a gay gene, the fact is that being gay is a crucial part of people's identity, and not something they can just change at whim. I guess they could choose not to act on it, but no one can choose who they are attracted to. Many gay people have tried, but why put pressure on people to do that? Gay people are not the problem - people who don't accept them are. People can believe whatever they want, but they shouldn't bully or discriminate against people, regardless of their beliefs.

What's wrong with compassion and sympathy? And throw empathy in there while you're at it. Hate doesn't make you tough. It makes you an *******.

The whole "bullying makes you tough" theory is a myth and has been debunked by research. People who were bullied in school grow up to have more emotional problems, not less. I'm not in favor of coddling everybody, but I don't apologize for envisioning a better world where people showed more respect for each other. If you really care about people and want them to be strong, create a safe space where they can feel free to be themselves and take risks while knowing they have a support system to return to even if they fail.

Now pass me a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, fool. Fat Elvis ain't no pansy - he's a karate-chopping bad-ass. Recognize