I'm hoping you guys can help me out a bit with this. I'm all for rooting for the TEAM and not the PLAYERS, but does anyone else feel a bit guilty now that our team is basically entirely hired guns?

With Baseball, sometimes i'll have a similar sentiment with the Yankees, but at least they have had Jeter, Rivera, Pettite, Cano...the core guys are all "true" Yankees. I DESPISE the Heat because of this fact, but even they have Wade.. Also, the team I start to root for once the inevitable happens and the Knicks are out is the Thunder, and it's pretty much because they are a small market team that was built from the ground up.

Is this just a fact of basketball, since rosters are small, that we shouldn't expect to have many "home grown" guys. Just so it's clear, my definition of a "home grown" guy is somebody who really comes into his prime on the team or shows drastic advancement in skill (e.g. Jeremy Lin or Steve Novak last year finding their roles in the NBA or finding guys like Imam/Fields in the draft). I guess with Kurt and Camby back I can take some solace in that, or if Imam can recover from his Knee injury we'll have him. Anyway, just splitting up my list of home grown Knicks and Hired guns:

Home grown: Novak, Shump, Camby, Thomas

Hired Guns: Melo, Chandler, Stat, Felton, Kidd, J.R

Last thing I will say is I probably will forget the guilt i feel if the team starts winning consistently, and will just be happy that there is real basketball in New York again, but it will still probably be in the back of my mind.

Hoping for some thoughts on whether this bothers anybody else, or if they have their own opinion on who the "home grown"/ "true" Knicks are.