this is a blast from the past, but i always thought Pat Riley made a huge mistake
not playing Anthony Bonner in the 1994 finals, until it was too late.
Bonner was one of the best energy players off the bench, and really made his presence felt,
but Riley decided to go with a small rotation instead.

btw, starting a thread just to bash Ewing is definitely Knicks blasphemy.
Loco Ochos already said it all, Patrick set the bar to which every Knick since
should live up to, if not all centers.

if not for a missed finger roll, the Knicks could very well have won the 94 finals.

just lame man, totally lame. d*cklicking Melo, and hating on Pat. tsk!

i'd also like to confess that the loss of Sprewell and Camby took the air out of
my entire being, and I've hated Jimmy Dolan ever since. especially with the whole JLin fiasco.

final confession, i'm in love with Walt "Clyde" Frazier (semi-homo). The man
embodies cool, both in his phenomenal career and his post-player broadcasting career.

I feel blessed to be able to hear him broadcast every game he works with his
style, intelligence, sense of humor, and love of Knicks basketball.