I hated trading Lonnie Shelton to Seattle for C-Marvin Webster
I hated trading our best backcourt tandem "Sugar Ray Richardson & Ray Williams".
I hated trading C-Bill Cartwright to the centerless-Chicago Bulls for Oakley.
I hated trading Anthony Mason to Charlotte for a injury-prone Larry Johnson.
I hated trading Chris Childs to Toronto after the 99 Finals when "Childs/Houston/Spree" were Gellin as our "Trio" backcourt contender.
I was mad as hell at Patrick Ewing for crying like a baby to be traded.
I was mad as hell when Dolan had Camby and our first round pick (C-Nene) traded to Denver for a injury-prone Mcdyess.
I hated Layden/Isiah/Walsh

I was happy when we traded Oakley to Toronto for Marcus Camby.
I was happy when we sign a walking FA Kurt Thomas.
I was happy when we sign a walking FA Mutombo.

The Knicks in the 2012-13 season have a dominating 2-unit team .. where the Knicks 2nd-unit of "Kidd/Brewer/Novak/Kurt/and Camby" will win more games by taking each game PERSONALLY to win the Atlantic Division Title.
As for the Knicks first-unit of Felton/Smith/Melo/Amare/Tyson .. with Felton being a younger Baron Davis without Davis halfcourt creativeness need a helluva lot of work together as a "team-unit" which showed in the 2011-12 postseason where Melo & Smith average 45 shots per game together in the series.
I wonder what the cause/effect will be when a player mention the Knicks 2011-12 first-round postseason presence in the lockerroom this season .. will Amare finally hit his target or miss again??? LOL