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I fell for the T'Mac hype.
Thought Sergio Rodriguez was our PG of the future.
Supported the Vince Carter to NYK movement, instead he went to the Nets.
Supported the Deron Williams to NYK movement, instead, he went to the Nets.
Wanted to kill Crawford, Curry , and Isiah all at once.
Marbury was a great thing for NYK, just surrounded by the worst group of people. He really wanted to win in NYC, just couldn't with the unhealthy environment he was surrounded with.
Marbury & Iverson were high-scoring combo-guards that could average 8 dimes per game (Terry) .. it was foolish writers and dum-dum coaches TRYING to make both Star-guards into PG their career in the NBA.
Phoenix Suns PG-Penny & Marbury with combo-guard Joe Johnson coming off the bench gave Marbury the best playoff series in his NBA career vs the Championship Spurs.
PG-Snow & SG-Iverson went to the FINALS vs the Lakers.