Not even October and already moves are coming to mind

I think I Know it all poster:"can we just see how this team does first before we start talking about making moves"

New New York: "Shut up you idiot and have fun!"

3 Team Trade w/ Phoenix and ATL

JR Smith to Suns for Second rounder

Second rounder and Kurt Thomas to ATL for Deshawn Stevenson

ATL is trying to bottom out and a early to mid second rounder plus an expiring contract (although Stevenson is a team option) fits that direction.

Phoenix adds another cheap player who can score for them...if JR is telling the truth about there being teams who went after him this off season Phoenix was probably one of them and they would've offered more so they get a much needed scoring SG for cheap

For The Knicks this upgrades our D at the backup SG while losing the athleticism but not in shooting.


Could you imagine Shump,Brewer and Stephenson on the perimeter!!! Not to mention having 3 very important role players from Mavs title run in Kidd Chandler and Stephenson.

Imagine going to this lineup at times


Another one of those under the radar type moves

Defense would be looking 90's Knick good!!!!