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but Amare on the defensive end is the best thing you've ever seen i'm sure of it.

I'll take Carmelo's joke defense over this any day

real-funny LOL .. the NBA best defensive PF lies in Rodman, then Mchale & Duncan.
Amare's career has double the postseason experience than Melo, especially vs Duncan.

Real Talk ....
Reloaded.... if u knew anything about Kiyaman on KO .. u would know he wasnt happy with the signing of Amare ($100M 5 year plan), so to add another 30 point scoring foward who name wasnt "King Lebron James" was an insult to Knicks team-chemistry.
I would be happy with Melo being a Knicks if our Starting Lineup consist of "Tyson Chandler, David Lee, Melo, Shump, CP3".
Without CP3 & Tyson Chandler we have no use for a high-scoring Carmelo Anthony in a postseason series...