Ok and the Candidates are

Amare - Considered the favorite coming into this thread, back when Stat first signed with the Knicks some still considered him the best PF in the NBA. Like Jay-Z told Nas "You had a spark when u started but now your just garbage." Thats not completely true but it does sorta sum up Stats time in NY.

However, i believe he could still easily be a top 3 PF and a top 10 player in the game with his combination of strength and athleticism. With the additions of Kidd and Felton, perhaps that will boost Amare's game back up. We shall see

Ray Felton - While no one says hes a star point guard, Ray proved back during the 2010-11 season that he can very effective in the right system. Last year things didnt go to well for him as he came into the shortened season out of shape and played like he was nearing retirement. Some Knicks fans view him as an underachiever because of this, although i think shortened season + sh*tty team is why we saw what we saw from Felton last year

JR Smith - He might actually make the most sense here. A tall shooting guard with great speed and athleticism, hes a solid shooter and can explode for 25+ points any given night.

I believe if he worked hard on his game he coulda been a GREAT shooting guard. He has the tools to easily be a top 5 SG in the game, but unfortunately for us fans JR hasnt shown much interest in being anything other then a good role player off the bench that can knock down 3's, throw down highlight dunks, and sometimes play defense. He seems content with his game, he doesnt have the drive to be the best he can possibly be.

Carmelo Anthony - Going off the last month of last year, Carmelo was undeniably amazing. He was an offensive machine, he got his teammates involved, and he rebounded well. So whats the problem KingStar? The problem is his defense, he could truly be an elite player as in borderline top 5 instead of borderline top 10. At times I have seen him play great defense, but those times are far too distant from one another.

Last but not least we have...

Ronnie Brewer - Ill be real, i dont know a whole lot about this guy. I know hes a really good defender and a really good athlete. But from what I know the only offense he has is his dunking. Work on that jumpshot Ronnie