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The thread opening question was the identity of the player who was the biggest underachiever. I have to go with the guy who is also plainly the most talented -- Carmelo. I believe he has yet to tap the surface of his immense talents.

Though he has shown from time to time that he is an exceptionally good passer, Melo's style of play is too individualized -- perhaps in great part due to the fact that one on one there may be no one better. On defense, he gets lazy. He has got to be more LeBron like and consistently play both individual and team defense.

A fully team oriented Melo, in sync with Amare' and Chandler, will be the difference this year. We will need him to make the space and provide the opportunities for the other two stars. I am certainly not counting on a geriatric Kidd or the Felton I remember.

If the question were who was likely to be the biggest disappointment, I am afraid it is Amare'. I hope he turns it around.

Melo's passing game is as under-utilised as it is effective. If you go through the Knicks' highlights from last season on NBA.com, you'll see a lot of passes from Melo as dimes for teammates that could be considered as playmaker feeds.

When questioning why it's the case that such a capable passer is less inclined to pass, it's a bit of a conundrum. Last season, when the Knicks kicked off their campaign, Melo was looked to as a playmaker and fulfilled the role rather dismally.

Later on in the season, he seemed more inclined to make the feeds he made within the flow of the game, but not necessarily in the flow of a set play.

I think a lot of Melo's dimes last season were precipitated by broken plays/non cognitive or designed plays, and when the need arose for him to hit players on time and on target, he did.

So, is it the player or the system that has a versatile passer not making passes? I'll be keeping an eye on that in 12-13.

Is Melo the biggest underachiever on the team? No, he's not. Not even close.

STAT!!! Travelling, lowest FG% since rookie season, shots blocked, sub par rebounding at the 4 in turn with the freakish athleticism, getting dominated by bench players, missing defensive rotations, confusing Chandler on either end.......The list goes on.

Melo has a passing game to add to his arsenal, Stoudemire is in need of a veritable overhaul.