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This sums up my response

I can also see the case for JR SWAGBALLZ, but to my mind JR is beyond even being a chronic underachiever: at this point in his career, he is what he is and I guess that's all he ever could be. Maybe 5 years ago I would say JR is the biggest underachiever, but today, I take him for what he is. I don't see any big swings either way for him. What's cool about SWAGBALLZ is that he seems to be comfortable with his role. You got guys like A. Randolph who think they're above their station based solely on talent, and JR isn't like that. I think JR knows exactly how much work he has to put in to be at a level he is comfortable with, and he doesn't really have a big head about moving to the next level. In a lot of ways, you gotta appreciate that. JR does what he do, and I'm ok with that.