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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Sheed averages 7 rebounds a game, how are you not worried? You're insane. Sheed is 6"11 and 250 lbs.

    Our STAT line up? The worst rebounding line up of all time? SMH.
    Yeah I agree -- Amar'e & Sheed together may not offer enough rebounding (Melo could offset that a little bit though -- he's a good rebounding SF). But overall I like the flexibility Woody would have up front with all these guys -- start the game with Chandler/STAT 5/4, then sub in Camby/Sheed 5/4...You'd get basically the same things at all times -- defense & rebounding at the 5 and offensive at the 4. The centers would complement the PFs perfectly...Then Woody can mix and match accordingly -- he can go twin towers with Chandler/Camby against certain teams for extra D & rebounding, Chandler/Sheed, Amar'e/Camby, Camby/Sheed, etc...Plus, if KT's actually got anything left, he could be an option...Not bad. Pretty good actually when you think about all the different combinations.
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