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all these bigs means posting up is going to be a problem then add in guys like Shump, Felton, Kidd, and Brewer on the perimeter and running the ball wont be easy too. I know these guys are old but they will run the system and if Woodson is a long term coach it will just be placeholders for the type of role players needed in the future. Melo and Amare mostly finesse style of play need a team of goons to keep opponents honest.

Also I will say this I wanna see shump and Wallace do some trash talking on one of these prima donna stars on a punk team like Brandon Jennings just get shut down and knocked out. Thats what I want... even if the knicks can't win it all every team should be like "damn the knicks aren't a joke" and have to work to beat them...
I agree w the bit bout Melo n Amare being finesse players and needing all the manhandlers we can get.

For this reason I'm not averse to bringing Sheed in.