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Can someone post a recent picture of him

Well at the start of the FA period I thought Jermaine Oneil would be the ideal backup but I suppose my standards rose when word of KMart or Birdman could come

But...Rasheed can't be any worst than Oniel and like a couple of you have said already he'll only be giving us 10-15

I wish he had been working out by now though! We have a game in 10 days so no way he's ready to give even 10 mins by then

Honestly we need to do like we did Curry when we were trying to condition him....stick him on Injured reserves until mid-November and just work on getting him back into game shape...

What we need from him

5 pts 5 rebs

Gotta knock down the J

Leadership on D
Not recent pictures but here is a recent video of him