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Thats exactly what casual BB fans dont see. His post defense has been underrated because of the fact that he delivers hard fouls and people think he just whacks people who gets by him when in fact he plays excellent post defense and if someone does get by him he allows no layups.

Sheed ,Camby, Kurt Thomas, Kenyon Martin are the last of a dying breed.
This right here is what i was trying to get at on the previous page and I guess this means most Celtics fans are casual fans, nothing we didnt already know. They complain about Perkins missing that game 7 but Perkins was gettin sh*tted on by Gasol and Bynum. Rasheed and KG we're their best big man options against the Lakers defensively and offensively. But Rasheed did by far the best job of any Celtics big guarding Gasol. Pau even had his way with KG much of the time so this says alot about what we're getting with Sheed and even if hes garbage during the season which i expect him to be, he'll step up in the playoffs when it counts most.