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This is actually a nice read.

Now regarding what he said, is he lying? I mean he's making a lot of valid points here about the Knicks and Amare. They have a full training camp together so we can see how it goes. As much as I hate Boston they're looking like the 2nd best in the east as of now. Also depending on DRoses injury. Their core is pretty much still there and they've added some nice YOUNG pieces through FA and the draft.

About the Lakers....
I'm not gonna sit here and lie to myself and say they didn't get better bc they did but how much of a upgrade is Dwight over Bynum? More athleticism? Yea. For anyone to say "the lakers will crush the heat" or "I'm picking the lakers to win the championship" is so far fetch and is kinda funny but not surprising coming from knick fans. The lakers bench is still subpar and their defense outside of Dwight now is no good. Just like every team that has super star players, they'll need to gel and get used to each other. It took Miami a year and a half to do so. Dwight won't even be ready by season start.

The lakers have gotten better but so did Miami and other teams too. SVG isn't really liked in south beach for certain reasons but he makes sense at times
The Lakers got so much better because of Nash whether it was Howard or Bynum at center.